Community Flock

By Richard Monk

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WH0120041018By Richard MonkPeaches Basquier lives on an inner-city estate overlooking Shepherd's Bush Green.|When she loses her baby she throws her energies into becoming one of the most unique shepherdesses in history: tending her own flock of sheep in the middle of the busy green.|Peaches' father Colin, who left when she was a little girl, reads about her achievements and turns up at the flat.|Can Peaches cope with this and Mum's reaction, on top of the intrusive media fascination with her new hobby?
  • auctioneer....Stephen Hogan
  • colin....andy linden
  • crosby....Helen Longworth
  • director: Peter Kavanagh
  • janet....dona croll
  • keith....nick boulton
  • lizzy....Alice Hart
  • mervin....Ewan Bailey
  • mrs beresford....sylvia sims
  • peaches....indra ove
  • stacey....joan collingwood
  • stan the shearer....Jon Glover
  • WH0220041019The press love the idea of a modern-day shepherdess on Shepherd's Bush Green.|But Peaches has her hands full with the start of the lambing season, and an unusual thief who plunders the tennis court pen for a lamb.|Meanwhile, absentee Dad, who has read about Peaches' success, has decided to move back in.|Mum's over the moon!.
    WH0320041020Peaches is making her mark on the local community as well as the press as Shepherd's Bush first modern-day shepherdess.|Locals crowd to help.|But why does a visit from a Hammersmith Council inspector result in the startling vision of Peaches and them walking the flock up Wood Lane?
    WH0420041021Peaches the shepherdess has found romance and her flock of sheep on Shepherd's Bush Green is uniting the local community in support.|One elderly lady client who hasn't said a sensible word in years shows a spark at the mention of the word 'shearing'.|Meanwhile Mum, reunited at the tender age of forty nine with absentee Dad, has a startling announcement.
    WH05 LAST20041022The community celebrate Peaches' triumph over the council.