Command Performance



Command Performance explores prestigious concerts held in unique places under special circumstances with presenter Katie Derham.

As you'd expect the command performance is a royal prerogative and singer Katherine Jenkins gives us further insight when she explains her recent experience of a performance for the current Queen at Balmoral.

As we hear for most artists a private performance rarely features a royal at the top table.

Time is devoted to the after dinner or corporate gig where lucrative money can be made.

Comedian Barry Cryer gives us tips on the best way to approach these unique events and veteran Roy Hudd also suggests ways you make the most of these performance opportunities with out losing your nerve.

After a hard day General Secretary Joseph Stalin liked to relax watching the ballet.

Today a bespoke performance with an artist is possible.

Jazz musician Yolanda Brown was invited to perform for the President Medvedev at the Winter Palace in St.


Playing for a leading political figure is significant for an artist, but what about performing for eight global players? Jools Holland explains his command performance when he played for Prime Minster Tony Blair at the G8 summit and why President Bill Clinton had difficulty leaving the event.

For many artists a performance for his Holiness the Pope is a command performance to be embraced with great relish.

Composer Simon Wills performed for the Pope on two occasions and reveals what happens behind the walls of the Vatican, what the changing facilities are like and how the Pope responds to a performance.

The programme concludes that any one can purchase their own command performance and music promoter Hugh Phillimore can help.

He has secured the world's leading stars providing the price is right.

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Presenter Katie Derham with comments from leading artists explore the Command Performance.