Comedy Heroes

Paul English explores the history and achievements of some of Scotland's funniest people.


0101Armando Iannucci2007011320070706
20070707 (RS)

The man who was responsible for Alan Partridge and The Thick of It, Armando Iannucci

0102Ronnie Corbett2007012020070713
20070714 (RS)

Ronnie Corbett's comedy reputation is unassailable but it was almost all achieved south of the border.

How Scottish does this comedy hero feel?

0103Arnold Brown2007012720070720
20070721 (RS)

Arnold Brown was in at the start of the Alternative Comedy revolution but, despite winning the Perrier Award and many other comedy triumphs, the Glasgow Jewish Accountant was always apart from the changes which swept British Comedy.

0104Robbie Coltrane2007020320070727
20070728 (RS)

Robbie Coltrane's virtuoso acting in Cracker and heart warming portrayal of Hagrid can make us forget what a funny man he is.

0105Craig Ferguson2007021020070804

Craig Ferguson was Bing Hitler 20 years ago and a very funny TV comic in the early 90's.

He then went to America and became a star.

0106 LASTUna Mclean2007021720070810
20070811 (RS)

Una Mclean started as a trailblazing comedienne in Scotland and has ended up as an icon with one of the most recognisable laughs in showbiz.