Comedy Album Heroes

Greg Proops looks back on the time when listening to comedy records at parties was hip.


0101Bob Newhart2001061220021006

Bob Newhart, who took stand-up comedy out of obscure clubs and into every American's living room.

0102Phyllis Diller2001061920021013

The woman with the dirtiest laugh in showbiz started as a gossip columnist.

0103Bill Cosby2001062620021020

, who was the first black comedian to break through in the album scene.

0104 LASTLily Tomlin2001070320021027

, who started in Rowan and Martin's Laugh in, made the leap to stand-up comedy.

0201Henny Youngman20030617

The series kicks off with the King of the One Liner, Henny Youngman, an immigrant Jewish kid from Brooklyn who grew up to become the ultimate Borscht Belt gagmeister.

0202Flip Wilson20030624

the rags to riches story of Flip Wilson, a groundbreaking black comic who became a comedy phenomenon in America during the late 60s and early 70s.

0203Ellen Degeneres20030701

, sitcom star and brilliant stand-up artist.

0204 LASTJonathan Winters20030708

Greg Proops tells the story of the comic chameleon and living legend Jonathan Winters, a one-man theatrical troupe who instantly creates characters, voices, sound effects and stories.

Having entertained his audiences for over five decades, he is America's first true surrealist comedian and improvisational genius.