Colour Blind



On the eve of what would have been Buddy Holly's 80th birthday, presenter and fan, Dotun Adebayo's heart is skipping a beat. He's about to hear the very last music tracks Buddy laid down on an old Ampex reel-to-reel tape recorder in the New York apartment he shared with his soon-to-be-widowed bride, Maria Elena. They're just Buddy and his guitar - playing the last six songs he ever wrote, 'experimenting' with covers of other artists he knew and admired, and chatting with his wife. Although better-known as a Classical musician, Julian Lloyd Webber is an authority on Buddy Holly's music and Patron of the Buddy Holly Educational Foundation. Presented with a rare copy of these 'Apartment Tapes' as they're known, Julian reveals what he thinks the tracks tell us about Buddy's past, present and potential future: his influences, evolving style, state of mind -and the state of his marriage in those last few months of his life. With US Black Gospel Music radio host, Bob Marovich, Dotun and Julian also examine how Holly had unrealised plans for what would have been controversial collaborations with some of the 'greats' of the time such as Ray Charles and Mahalia Jackson, showing how he was a force behind a still-developing genre of pop music which can now truly be described as 'Colour Blind'.

Producer: Rowan Morton-Gledhill.

Programme Catalogue - Details: 25 July 199019900725

Producer: C.



Donal, old and blind, has always thought himself free of prejudice.

But a chance remark shakes his faith in himself.

Play written by Bernard KOPS, produced by Caroline RAPHAEL.

Subject Categories

drama programmes (genre)

Broadcast history

25 Jul 1990 15:02-15:47 (RADIO 4)


James Ellis (Actor)

Michael Cox (Actor)

Danny Schiller (Actor)

Paul Downing (Actor)

Lise Mclaughlin (Actor)

Winston Crooke (Actor)

Margaret Courtney (Actor)

Bernard Kops (Author)

Caroline Raphael (Producer)

Recorded on 1989-10-26.