Colin Murphy's Paper Chase

Strange stories from Northern Ireland's local newspapers.



Colin Murphy travels to Ards to meet the oldest cat in the UK, to Cushendun to meet a cigarette-eating goat, and to Dungannon where he encounters a kung-fu fighting Emu that was stolen but battered its kidnappers and returned to its pen.


Colin races a hearse in Nutts Corner, drives a very fast car sideways, and meets a man who drove a Nissan Micra across deserts and rivers in Eastern Europe.


Colin meets a young woman who made a new Scottish friend after dropping a message in a bottle off the ferry, a man who has his pet goose by his side at all times, and a woman who finally met her African penpal after fifty years.


Colin hunts for treasure in Clogher, goes whale watching in Whitehead, and meets a man who was almost hit by a block of frozen waste which fell from the sky in Drumaness.


Colin meets the Cookstown Plough King, rides a tank in Coleraine, trys out mattresses that have been designed for cows, and commentates on a piano-smashing competition in Crossgar.

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A story about a young boy's toy yacht leads to Colin hiring a team of divers for an intriguing search.

Is there a tank at the bottom of Castlewellan lake?