Code War, The

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Programme Catalogue - Details: Cancer19960103Producer: R.|AEDY|Description|Cancer.|The word means death to millions every year.|For more than 30 years, molecular biologists have been trying to work out what it is, and why we get it.|Geoff WATT investigates why there is still no cure for cancer...|Subject Categories|documentaries (programme format)|investigative programmes (presentation style)|Broadcast history|03 Jan 1996 19:45-20:30 (RADIO 4)|26 Jun 1996 20:15-21:00 (RADIO 4)|Contributors|Geoff Watt|Richard Aedy (Producer)|Gerard Evan (Cell Nucleus Laboratory) (Speaker)|David Lane (Cell Transformation Research G) (Speaker)|Judah Folkman (Professor) (Speaker)|Carol Greider (Cold Spring Harbour Laboratory) (Speaker)|David Bradley (Initial Research) (Speaker)|John Mann (Professor) (Speaker)|Chris Marshall (Professor) (Speaker)|Ed Sausville (Doctor) (Speaker)|Laurent Schwartz (Doctor) (Speaker)|James Watson (Doctor) (Speaker)|Recorded on 1995-12-15.