Richard Coles explores five great children's clubs that had their heyday in the late 1960s.


0101The Puffin Club2002020420040308

'Sniff-up?' If that means anything to you, the chances are that you may still have your Puffin Posts in an attic and, somewhere, that enamel badge with its portly auk and with it memories of the adventure and excitement of discovering children's books.

0102The Young Ornithologists Club2002020520040309

The youth wing of the Royal Society for the Protection of Birds has a new name now and is still going strong; but for those who grew up in the 60s and 70s and got switched on to birds, the YOC was where it was at.

A hovering kestrel badge, a black-and-white magazine with articles on how to collect dead birds' feet and birdwatching trips to wintry reservoirs on freezing weekends - what more could a young man want?

0103The I-spy Club2002020620040310

Ever wondered about Big Chief I-SPY as you sent him your book to be stamped? Did you receive a feather and a gold seal from Wigwam-by-the-Green? Join Hawkeye, Big Chief's sidekick, as he revisits the site of that venerable tent...

in West LONDON.

Oh and 'Odhu...


0104The Chalet Club2002020720040311

Richard looks at the pleasures of an all girls boarding-school education as he explores the enduring appeal of the Chalet School books, their author Elinor Brent-dyer and the clubs set up to fondly remember a time when girls were girls and chocolate biscuits were a treat.

0105 LASTThe Famous Five Club20020208

How its members raised funds for the Children's Home in Beaconsfield.