Climb, The [by Andrea Earl]

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20101026A feel good drama about three men who venture on a climb of their lives.|Ropes, crampons, grappling irons at the ready; D-day has arrived.|Frankie, John and Bud are ready, well as ready as they'll ever be.|But this is not a mountain, nor a great hill they are preparing to climb tonight - it's Blackpool Tower.|Furthermore, Frankie has Down's syndrome, John is blind and Bud is only 3'6".|It was Frankie's idea as he wants to follow in the footsteps of his hero Sherpa Tensing.|The men are forced to pull together as a team in a race against time in an attempt to reach the top as the police try to intercept their highly dangerous (and highly illegal!) deed.|Frankie - Tommy Jessop|Bud - Warwick Davis|John - Liam O'Carroll|Frankie's Mum....Olwen May|Policeman - Gerard Fletcher|Producer/Director - Pauline Harris|Bud has a banner he wants to unravel at the top to someone special, and John's motive is a little more enigmatic.|Bud is played by Warwick Davis - films include - Harry Potter, Star Wars, Leprechaun, Willow|Frankie is played by Tommy Jessop credits include Coming Down The Mountain - BBC 1, Casualty - BBC 1,|Angel - Filmlab Take 2.|Liam O'Carroll is John, credits include Casualty, BBC 1, Father Ted and Liam is also a member of Abnormally Funny a stand-up comedy troupe.|The Climb by Andrea Earl.