Clergyman's Daughter, A

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Genome: [r4 Bd=19930322]Adapted from|George Orwell 's novel, which tells of the scandal that rocked a small town when the clergyman's daughter suddenly disappeared.|Other parts played by Struan Rodger. Jillie Meers. Charles Simpson. Karen Rose , Tamsin Collison , Joanna Kyle and Melissa Catsoulis|Adapted by John Peacock|Director Celia De Wolff
Genome: [r4 Bd=19930322] Unknown: George Orwell|Played By: Struan Rodger.|Played By: Jillie Meers.|Played By: Charles Simpson.|Played By: Karen Rose|Played By: Tamsin Collison|Played By: Joanna Kyle|Played By: Melissa Catsoulis|Adapted By: John Peacock|Director: Celia de Wolff|Dorothy: Amanda Redman|Charles: Hugh Dickson|Elkn: Marion Diamond|Warburton: Glyn Grain|Nobby: John Salthouse|Flo: Jane Whittenshaw|Charlie: David Bannerman|Miss Creavy: Frances Jeater|Sir Tom: Stephen Thorn