Classic Masterclass

Three programmes in which Andrew Green mines the BBC arcHIVe for great moments from masterclasses of the past and tracks down students who are now well known in their own right to find out what they remember about their big day.



This first programme includes keyboard highlights from masterclasses given by Daniel Barenboim, Jorge Bolet and Nadia Boulanger.

Steven Savage and Christopher Elton remember Barenboim's inspirational teaching, Kathryn Stott talks about an entertaining masterclass with Bolet, and David Wilde remembers the incredible energy of Nadia Boulanger - and the beginning of a long artistic relationship.


This second programme includes highlights from vocal masterclasses given by Peter Pears in 1966 and by Geraint Evans and Elisabeth Schwarzkopf in 1981, with memories of their teaching from Rosemary Ashe, Christine Cairns, Ian Partridge and Brian Bannatyne-Scott.

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In this third programme, string players remember their conversations about vibrato techniques and the operatic nature of Mozart's instrumental music.

Great moments from the arcHIVe include 1960s masterclasses with Paul Tortelier and Henryk Szeryng and 1970s masterclasses with Yehudi Menuhin, from which violinists John Holloway and Marcia Crayford recall his inspirational teaching.