Classic Collection

Five short stores from IRELAND.


AR01Gaegler's And The Greyhound2004101120050417

by Walter Macken: When a local entrepreneur decides to buy a greyhound, things don't go according to plan at all.

AR02The Triangle2004101220050424

by James Stephens: Mrs Morrissy's predictable life with her husband takes an unexpected turn when her cousin comes for a visit.

AR03The Bull Buyers2004101320050501

by Bryan MacMahon: Peter approaches a widow intent on buying an animal, but finds himself entering into a strange transaction.

AR04A Red Petticoat2004101420050508

By Liam O'Flaherty

When there's not a bite left to eat in the house to feed her large family, Mrs Deignan stoops to desperate measures to secure them provisions.

Read by Marion O'Dwyer.

AR05 LASTDousie O'dea2004101520050515

By John B Keane.

Nothing can persuade a former mortician to come out of retirement - until the ultimate challenge arises.