A City Killing




By Mike Walker.

After a foolhardy trade in the City almost wipes out Harry Towers' hedge fund, he turns for help to family friend Bob Glass, probably the most successful trader that Wall Street has ever seen.

Confidence is immediately restored and Harry's investors seem inclined to give him a second chance - until he some alarming news on TV.

Harry Towers....Nicholas Boulton

  • bob glass....nathan osgood
  • carmody....Sam Dale

    directed by Eoin O'callaghan.

    a city trader turns to a wall street friend to help rescue his hedge fund

  • meredith....Janice Acquah
  • sarah....pamela miles
  • tim....david tse

    tim, meredith and harry are three sassy, thirty something traders who, tired of making money for someone else, combine to launch an aggressive new hedge fund.

    but it doesn't take long before they get seriously above themselves, losing a small fortune and making some pretty heavy enemies in the city markets.

    facing financial meltdown, harry is deputed to exploit a family connection with bob glass of glassworks.

    glass is the doyen of wall street.

    friend to charities and movie stars.

    the biggest, boldest, safest investor on the block.

    in new york, harry makes a good impression.

    glass takes to him like a son.

    this is the coup the young hedge fund has needed.

    with glass's name, confidence will flourish and further, major investments will follow.

    but harry has no sooner touched down at heathrow, than news breaks of glass's arrest by the fbi.

    his convoluted investment structure has collapsed.

    billions have been lost by individuals, by charities and by burgeoning hedge funds, just like harry's.

    harry, tim and meredith have lost 1.2billion and rising.

    glass, the most feared, loathed and admired man on wall street was just a simple confidence trickster though on a mammoth scale.

    now it's time to face the investors, and the fact that their credibility is virtually nil.

    this is a £1.2billion hole they aren't going to crawl out of.

    in a city killing by mike walker

    harry towers was played by nicholas boulton

    and bob glass by nathan osgood

    tim was played by david tse

    meredith by janice acquah

    sarah towers - pam miles

    trevor marks - jonathan tafler

    and carmody - sam dale

    the director was eoin o'callaghan.

    a hard look at some of the men and women who launched, then sank, a thousand hedge funds