City, The [reading]

Series of stories about urban life.

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01The City20021209Series of stories about urban Hermann Hesse.|An archetypal fable about the birth and death of a city, read by Andrew Hilton
02The Singer And The Snake20021210by Olivia Mccannon.|A story about the PARIS Metro, of love found and lost.|Read by Eve Best
039th And 13th20021211by Jonathan Coe.|A NEW YORK pianist meets a stranger and dreams of what might be.|Read by Stephen Perring.
04Gossiping Days20021212by Elizabeth Wilson.|In a great city you can live in the next street to an old friend or lover and not even know it.
05 LASTAmsterdam Requiem20021213by Antal Giesbers.|For an outsider, the city can be both dreamscape and reality.