City, The [Reading]

Series of stories about urban life.


01The City20021209

by Hermann Hesse.

An archetypal fable about the birth and death of a city, read by Andrew Hilton

02The Singer And The Snake20021210

by Olivia Mccannon.

A story about the PARIS Metro, of love found and lost.

Read by Eve Best

039th And 13th20021211

by Jonathan Coe.

A NEW YORK pianist meets a stranger and dreams of what might be.

Read by Stephen Perring.

04Gossiping Days20021212

by Elizabeth Wilson.

In a great city you can live in the next street to an old friend or lover and not even know it.

05 LASTAmsterdam Requiem20021213

by Antal Giesbers.

For an outsider, the city can be both dreamscape and reality.