The City

Jeff Randall gets behind the scenes in London to meet the money men whose decisions affect all of us.



01Welcome To The Jungle20080911

From the traditional square mile to the gleaming new buildings of Canary Wharf and the boutique fund managers of Mayfair, Jeff finds the streets of London paved not with gold but with equities, futures and vast amounts of cash.

He takes the measure of city culture to paint a picture of the metropolis in its own words at work and at play.

02 LASTFutures And Options20080918

He looks at history to establish why London has become so powerful a financial centre and examines how it may remain so.

The city is constantly evolving as new breeds are created and old ones disappear.

Jeff looks to the lessons of previous crises and the cyclical nature of markets and examines the big issues facing us in the future.