Chronicles Of Ait - Echo Beach [15md]



Visiting Ait, Linus Scott is beguiled by a strange story and a lovely woman.

Written by Michael Butt.

The remote east coast settlement of Ait is reckoned to have siren-like powers to entrap and enthral its visitors - and that, at least, is how it appears to disaffected writer Linus Scott when he arrives from London in search of oblivion, for his first encounter is with a mermaid emerging from the North Sea.

Actually Alice Pyper isn't strictly speaking a mermaid, just a lovely local woman taking a cold swim, but Scott is captivated by her beauty and, on a later meeting, with other paraphernalia of enchantment, for she insists on telling him a local story of passionate concern to her, a legend-like narrative of unexplained tragedy and loss on nearby Echo Beach. Scott's dormant writer's appetite is awakened and, rather against his will, he finds himself caught up in both a beguiling story of family treachery, and a tantalising love affair.

Echo Beach is the second story from the Chronicles of Ait to come to BBC Radio 4, connected to the first tale only by the location and the names of its two main characters.


Linus Scott - Greg Wise

Alice Pyper - Indira Varma

Naomi Pyper - Amanda Drew

Jonathan - Jonathan Keeble

Ben - Simon J Williamson

Agnes - Patience Tomlinson

Robert - Jonathan Keeble

Producer/Director John Taylor

A Fiction Factory production for BBC Radio 4.