Chronicles - Volume One

Bob Dylan's autobiography is read in eight parts by Sean Penn.

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20070720Bob Dylan's autobiography is read by Sean Penn.|8/8.|The Recordings: U2 lead singer Bono recommends to Dylan his own producer.
01Dylan Signs2005100720070601Bob Dylan's autobiography is read in eight parts by Sean Penn.|Bob Dylan is in New York and signing a major recording contract with Columbia Records.
02The Big Apple2005101420070608It's the early 1960s and Dylan has arrived in New York.|He is playing the Cafe Wah and the Gaslight in Greenwich Village where he meets his hero, singer Dave van Ronk.
03At Ray And Chloe's2005102120070615Bob Dylan is staying in Vestry Place, New York at Ray and Chloe's as he meets some of his early influences.|Bob Dylan is staying in Vestry Place, New York, and we learn about some of his early influences.
04Influences2005102820070622Dylan has not yet started writing his own songs, but is influenced by Woody Guthrie and Rambling Jack Elliott.
0519612005110420070629Dylan is now earning $60 a week playing his own 20-minute set at the Gaslight Village in New York's Greenwich Village.|He is not writing his own material yet, so he buries himself in the New York Public Library seeking inspiration.
062005111120070706It is 1968, and Dylan has had a motorbike accident, and his wife has given birth.|He is fed up with being referred to as the conscience of Young America, and seeks peace and quiet and a change in his image.
072005111820070713It is a poignant reflection on his life, the people whom he has met, the places he has played in, and his many influences.|Thanks to a freak accident to his hand, Dylan is inspired to write songs after a dearth for two or three years.
08 LASTThe Recordings20051125U2 lead singer Bono recommends his own producer Daniel Lanois to Dylan.