Mani Shankar Mukerji's 'Chowringhee' is a gentle comedy of life in a grand Calcutta hotel in the late 1950s adapted for radio by Roger James Elsgood from a translation from the Bengali by Arunava Sinha.

The story tells of the events that befall a bright but naive young Bengali when he is unexpectedly given a job behind the reception counter in 'The Shahjahan', Calcutta's finest hotel. He becomes entangled in the rocky romantic life of the manager, Marco Polo, he is caught in the crossfire of a diva of the silver screen and her possessive husband and witnesses the tragedy that befalls the beautiful but vulnerable resident hostess.

These stories are played out against the backdrop of a newly independent India in a time of austerity and social unrest.

The role of Sankar is played by Bollywood actor Joy Sengupta. The production was recorded entirely on location in Calcutta with a cast of Bengali actors.

The sound recordist was Ross Adams. Chowringhee was directed by Willi Richards. The Producer is Roger James Elsgood.

Mani Shankar Mukerji's gentle comedy set in a grand Calcutta hotel in the late 1950s.