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Is it time for China to turn towards a more Western form of capitalism?

In the second of two special documentaries, a leading Chinese business journalist Rui Chenggang continues his exploration of the big narratives affecting his country's economy.

The Chinese market is still dominated by large state-owned enterprises (SOEs). Is it time for the country to turn towards a more Western style of capitalism, or will China continue to follow its own economic model?

Rui Chenggang speaks to experts and business leaders, including Captain Wei Jiafu, Chairman of China Ocean Shipping Company (COSCO).

He also reflects on the nature of economic reform, both inside China and across the world. He finds inspiration in the words of a popular Chinese song: it's "not that easy".

Rui Chenggang is an influential TV presenter, blogger and author. In this first collaboration with a western broadcaster, he opens his contact book to introduce listeners to some of the most important names in the Chinese economic debate.

(Image: COSCO President Wei Jiafu speaks in front of the Chinese freighter Zhen He in 2002. Credit: Getty Images)