AD20110218by Philip de Gouveia
Evie, a phenomenally bright but socially marginalised fifteen year-old, has had it with Western Civilization. Self-educated in the ideas of the Luddites, Mao and T.E. Lawrence, she wants to launch a mission against technology and the damage she believes it has wrought on the human race. She's taken a look at human history and decided it's time things changed. For good. But can she get her mobile-addicted classmates to join with her?
Evie - Leah Brotherhead
Mikey - Luke Treadaway
Carlton - Nathan Stewart-Jarrett
Kathy - Georgia Groome
Heather - Christine Kavanagh
Stuart - Nicholas Boulton
Eve - Sally Orrock
Adam - Iain Batchelor
Directed by Rosalynd Ward
This is Philip de Gouveia's first play for radio. He has worked as a journalist and academic/policy researcher. Two of his stage plays, "The Six Wives of Timothy Leary" and "Isfahan Calling", also integrated political and/or philosophical ideas into the drama.



  • Drama