Children's BBC Radio 4 - The Dark Is Rising


Genome: [r4 Bd=19971123]

Susan Cooper 's fantasy, dramatised in four parts by David Calcutt.

3: The Betrayal. The Dark seals off the village with ice and driving snow. with Struan Rodger , Geoffrey Banks. Carolyn Backhouse , Leo Conville , Hilary Attenborough , Susannah Tresilian , Richard Derrington , Susan Jeffrey , Graham Colclough , Mary Wimbush and Tina Gray. Director Nigel Bryant

Genome: [r4 Bd=19971123]

Unknown: Susan Cooper

Unknown: David Calcutt.

Unknown: Struan Rodger

Unknown: Geoffrey Banks.

Unknown: Carolyn Backhouse

Unknown: Leo Conville

Unknown: Hilary Attenborough

Unknown: Susannah Tresilian

Unknown: Richard Derrington

Unknown: Susan Jeffrey

Unknown: Graham Colclough

Unknown: Mary Wimbush

Unknown: Tina Gray.

Director: Nigel Bryant

Will: James Walmsley

Merriman: Ronald Pickup