Children In Need - D For Dexter [15md]

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Skye hates to leave baby brother Dexter, but come Thursday, they will all be back together

Skye hates to leave her baby brother Dexter with the foster-whatevers, but she knows that come Thursday, they'll all be back together.

With Mum.

And if that visit goes well, maybe they can both stay for more than a night.

Skye and Dexter return in this heart-breaking, heart-warming story by Amanda Whittington, in one of the highlights of this year's BBC Children in Need Appeal on Radio 4.

Skye is twelve, Dexter is three. They live in Gainsborough, Lincolnshire, but they were taken away from their Mum last year after things got bad.

There's nothing Skye wants more than to have the family back together. Her Mum has stopped drinking and Skye has had supervised visits. Now she's here for the whole of half-term and Dexter is coming too for the first time. Not the last time.

Skye and Dexter's story was developed with the help of Hull Children's University and Voice of Young People in Care, both organisations that receive funding for specific projects from BBC Children in Need.

Writer...Amanda Whittington

Director...Mary Ward-Lowery.


At home, Skye finds food and a new family member. Why would she not be ok with that?

by Amanda Whittington. Skye's home with her Mum for a week on a contact visit, and if everything goes well, Dexter will come on Thursday. Things are different now: there's furniture, food, and a new family member.

Why wouldn't she be ok with that?

Director...Mary Ward-Lowery.


Skye is in the bath with the door locked, so Dean cannot come in.

by Amanda Whittington.

Skye's in the bath. There's hot water these days, and a plug.

Her mum can't understand why she's locked the bathroom door, but Skye doesn't want her newly- discovered Uncle Dean to come barging in.

Director...Mary Ward-Lowery.


Dexter is coming for the night, for a contact visit, and Skye cannot wait.

by Amanda Whittington. Dexter is coming for the night, for a contact visit, and Skye can't wait. Mum's even told Uncle Dean to stay away. Things are looking up.

Director...Mary Ward-Lowery.


It is the early hours of Friday. Dexter could sleep through a riot. In fact, he just has.

by Amanda Whittington.

It's the early hours of Friday morning. Dexter could sleep through a riot. In fact, he just has.

But Skye isn't going down to see her Mum, not this time.

Director...Mary Ward-Lowery.