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Join Janice Forsyth and Tom Morton for a packed afternoon of music and fun - all in aid of Children In Need.

They present fundraising frolics with lots of guests, competitions and live music.


with Janice Forsyth and Tom Morton.

Janice Forsyth and Tom Morton combine forces for an extravaganza of live music and guests plus regular updates on the fundraising efforts.

Children In Need: All The Blood In My Veins20101118

One of two special Radio 4 Afternoon Plays, commissioned with BBC Children in Need.

Earlier this year, award-winning playwright Katie Hims worked with Carers Lewisham, a 'Children in Need'-supported project, to create the story of Viola, a fourteen year old girl, with responsibilities beyond her age.

The play was then recorded with a mix of professional cast and the carers themselves.


Mum - Elaine Lordan

Viola - Shannon Tarbet

Paolo - Tyger Drew-Honey

Elly - Katie Angelou

Jack - Alfie Browne-Sykes

Teacher - Jude Akuwidike

Phil - Lloyd Thomas

Lauren - Deeivya Meir

Kelly - Shirena Watt

Directed by Jessica Dromgoole.

Viola, a 14-year-old girl, has responsibilities beyond her age.

Children In Need: Everything20101117

One of two special Radio 4 Afternoon Plays, commissioned with BBC Children in Need, 'Everything' tells the story of a fourteen-year-old girl who spends 7 days in a refuge for runaways.

Girl is played by young actress Natasha Watson who is currently starring in BBC1's 'Single Father' with David Tennant, and will be appearing in 'Donkeys', the sequel to 'Red Road' with Kate Dickie and Martin Compston.

Earlier this year, playwright Oliver Emanuel worked with ROC - Running Other Choices, part of the Aberlour Child Care Trust, a 'Children in Need' supported project.

Under Scottish law, any young person under the age of sixteen is allowed to stay in ROC's refuge for up to seven days without parental notification.

This is one of only two refuges for runaways in the UK.

Oliver worked with young people who had either been involved with ROC in the past or were currently staying at the refuge.

In July 2010, the group spent a week at Pacific Quay (BBC Scotland) writing, acting, playing games and talking about what it means to be a runaway.

Informed by this experience, Oliver wrote 'Everything'.

Oliver Emanuel:

'On the last day of the workshop, I quizzed each of the young people about their experiences and what they felt about their lives.

My last question was what would they want if they could have anything in the world.

One girl said she wanted a big house.

Another boy said he wanted a boat for him and his mates to hang out.

Someone else said they wanted their mum and dad to get back together again.

When I asked the last and youngest of the group he didn't know what to say.

He just shrugged.

I asked him to think about it and he eventually said 'Everything.

I just kind of want everything'.

Everything by Oliver Emanuel

Girl: Natasha Watson

Sam: Sandy Grierson

Beth: Meg Fraser

Directed by Lu Kemp.

The story of 7 days in a refuge for runaways.