Child Of Our Time


01Child Of The Border: Sia Mia20000605

Five dramas about extraordinary children.

1: `Child of the Border: Sia Mia's Story' by Gill Adams.

Thirteen-year-old Sia Mia is orphaned during the war in Sierra Leone.

She lives in the Massakundou refugee camp on the border between Sierra Leone, Liberia and Guinea.

Each day is a challenge, but she has the support of her beloved caretaker, Mamma Ballu, as she struggles to come to terms with her past.

With Bemnet Tadesse.

Director: Kate Rowland

02Child Of The Snow: Matti20000612

Five dramas about children from around the world.

2: `Child of the Snow: Matti's Story' by Lee Hall.

The story of a 14-year-old Sami, or Lapp, the last nomadic tribe in Europe, living 250 miles inside the Arctic Circle.

Matti is a modern boy, who loves messing about with computers and hates pollution, drugs and Ginger Spice.

With Ben Tibber.

Director: Kate Rowland

03Child Of The Suburbs: Milton And Sylvio20000619

Five dramas about extraordinary children from around the world.

3: `Child of the Suburbs: Milton and Sylvio's Story' by Katie Hims.

The story of identical twins growing up in Belford Roxo, one of Brazil's most dangerous suburbs.

They belong to the Candomble religion, brought to Brazil by the slaves, and they find escape from the violence around them by flying their kites.

With Ike Hamilton and Bradley Martin.

Director: Kate Rowland

04Child Of The City: Wou Suk20000626

Five dramas about extraordinary children from around the world.

4: `Child of the City: Wou Suk's Story' by Stephen Butchard.

At nine, Wou Suk is a child genius in maths and computer studies and a violin virtuoso, but he still finds time for `Pokemon' and `Harry Potter'.

However, he believes he has a bigger responsibility - to develop biotechnology to make a difference.

Starring Jae-woo James Rhee as Lee Wou Suk.

Director: Kate Rowland

05 LASTChildren Of The Rain20000703

by Lee Hall, starring Ben Tibber and Sita Patel.

The last of five dramas about extraordinary children presents the thoughts and opinions of British children about children in other parts of the world.

Interviews with classes of children from the north of ENGLAND help explore the contradictions, difficulties and joys of being a child in our time.

Director: Kate Rowland