Cherry Blossom Whisky Company

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AD20130703By Iain Finlay MacLeod|How do you begin again when everything you've spent your life working for has been destroyed?|Broken-hearted and rootless after losing her whisky company in the 2011 tsunami, a Japanese businesswoman arrives on the Scottish island of Islay in search of the perfect dram of whisky. Following in the footsteps of her great-grandfather (who had visited the island in 1910 to learn the secrets of whisky distilling and returned to Japan with a Scottish wife) she hopes to find solace by returning to her Scottish roots.|Iain Finlay MacLeod is a Scottish playwright who has written for theatre, radio and television. He is a native Gaelic speaker from the Outer Hebrides and is fascinated by questions of home and exile, language and identity.|"Sakura's Tune" is composed by Angus Lyon and the accordionist is Colin Train.|Written by Iain Finlay MacLeod|Produced and directed by Kirsteen Cameron.