Cheltenham Festival - Stories On Stage



Three best-selling writers take to the stage at this week's Cheltenham Literature Festival in an event showcasing the art of the short story.

The first of the three is Susan Hill, who has won major prizes for her short stories, her novels and children's books, and is a respected reviewer, critic, broadcaster and editor.

In 'Sand' two middle-aged sisters return to their mother's house after her funeral and remember an incident in their childhood that has remained unspoken and unexplored until now.

Susan Hill reads her story 'Sand' from the Cheltenham Literature Festival.

AR02Wings Of Desire20101013

Sarah Dunant is a novelist, broadcaster and critic whose most recent book, Sacred Hearts, was serialised on Woman's Hour last year.

Her story Wings of Desire is set in Florence, where an English couple are hoping the romance of the city may help them conceive the child they both long for.

A missed turning leads to a church and an encounter with an unexpectedly human Angel Gabriel.

Sarah Dunant reads her story 'Wings of Desire' at the Cheltenham Literature Festival.

AR03 LASTThree Thing I Remember20101014

Louise Doughty is a novelist, playwright, broadcaster and critic whose latest book, Whatever You Love, was published this summer.

Three Things I Remember is an unexpected love story about a woman police officer who falls for the husband of a murder victim.

Louise Doughty reads her story 'Three Things I Remember'.