Chatterton: The Allington Solution20101116

Who or what killed the boy genius Thomas Chatterton?

For over two hundred years, everyone thought he committed suicide, a neglected poet driven to despair.

Everyone, that is, except Jeremy Allington, a literary historian, who thinks the prevailing wisdom is nonsense.

Only he isn't quite as polite as that...

Dangerously close to losing his job and his partner, Allington is determined to prove that history is not as simple as some historians would have us believe.

Set in both the present day and the 18th century, Chatterton: The Allington Solution is the first play for Radio 4 by the acclaimed writer, biographer and historian, Peter Ackroyd.


Thomas Chatterton - Benedict Cumberbatch

Jeremy Allington - Adrian Scarborough

Ruth - Rachel Bavidge

Partridge - David Timson

Sam Beaumont - Glen McCready

Mrs Angel - Liza Sadovy

Jackman - Hugh Ross

Mr Crane - Jonathan Keeble

Coroner - Hugh Dickson

Mark Lawson - Himself

Producer: Nicolas Soames

A Ukemi Production for BBC Radio 4.

By Peter Ackroyd.

A literary historian discovers much about himself during his research.