Chant Of The Weed

Brian Morton explores the strange relationship between jazz, the creative process and mind-altering substances.


01The Weed Smoker's Dream2000030420010630

Marijuana was one of the drugs which fuelled Chicago's jazz scene and indeed the whole of the jazz scene during the 1920s and 1930s - and it wasn't even illegal.

02Kicking The Gong Around2000031120010707

It was the Harrison Narcotics Act of 1914 which turned opium and its derivatives from being crutches for middle-class Victorian women into the drug for the jazz hipster.

03The Connection2000031820010714

There are no jazz songs celebrating heroin, but it became associated with the bebop revolution due to its implication in the deaths of dozens of musicians, including Charlie Parker.

Or did Parker really die from eating too much chicken...?

04 LASTAscension2000032520010721

The last of four programmes investigates whether jazz is unfairly linked with drugs and explores the impact of rock 'n' roll on the jazz scene.