Changing Room, The

By Louise Gooding.

A snapshot into moments of change in the lives of very different females at various ages and stages of their lives.

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Genome: [r4 Bd=19930912]Aisling Foster talks to girls and women from 6 to 90 about their continual struggle to change their bodies. Producer Elizabeth Burke
Genome: [r4 Bd=19930912] Talks: Aisling Foster|Producer: Elizabeth Burke
WH01The Swimming Pool20060116By Louise Gooding.|A snapshot into moments of change in the lives of very different females at various ages and stages of their lives.It is the last swimming lesson of term and schoolgirl Lucy has locked herself in the changing room, determined not to come out.|Lucy....Rebecca Ryan|Ali....Rosie Fleeshman|Jo....Chloe O'Malley|Miss Owen....Fiona Clarke|Producer Gary Brown
WH02The Office20060117Kati is from Sarejevo and it is her first office Christmas party in England.|When one of her work colleagues threatens to make a pass for the man she secretly fancies, Kati is forced to take action.|Kati....Sheyla Shehovich|Virginia....Fiona Clarke|Leanne....Julia Rounthwaite|Producer Gary Brown.|Director Nadia Molinari
WH03The Bridal Shop20060118Emma is trying on her bridesmaid dress for her friend Shona's wedding, but her thoughts are preoccupied with something she has resolved to tell Shona - something she should know about her future husband.|Emma....Georgia Taylor|Shona....Fiona Clarke|Matt....Graeme Hawley|Abi....Emily Fleeshman|Assistant....Barbara Marten|Producer Gary Brown.|Director Nadia Molinari
WH04The Ante-natal Clinic20060119An exploration of the dynamics of three pregnant women from different walks of life, whose worlds collide when they realise they have more in common than they thought.|Ros....Anna Maxwell Martin|Gillian....Barbara Marten|Amy....Carla Henry|Nurse....Fiona Clarke|Jamie....Carter Dowland|Producer Gary Brown
WH05 LASTThe Vestry20060120When vicar Linda gets a hospital appointment to discuss her test results, she immediately fears the worst.|Knowing that she of all people should not be afraid of death, Linda tries to rationalise her fears about dying.|Linda....Barbara Marten|Sarah....Julia Rounthwaite|Janet....Eileen O'Brien|Producer Gary Brown