Change In The Willows, A

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SP20110507Toad is back on a spending spree and dismissive of his friends - until he needs their help for a rather irritating ghost problem! Ratty finds himself flooded out of his river side home by rising river levels.|Mole tries to understand the link between the pang in his stomach and the desire all animals have to be amongst their own kind.|And good old Badger is upset that nobody listens to him and his friends take him for granted.|Cast:|Toad - Tim McInnerny|Mole - Stephen Mangan|Ratty - Julian Rhind-tutt|Badger - Andrew Sachs|Dove - Issy van Randwyck|Sheep....Ian Buchan|Mole 2 - Yolanda Kettle|Mole 3 - Ilker Kaleli|Mole 4 - Jonathan Sayer|Mole 5 - Natalie Carrington|Written by Ian Buchan|Director: Eoin O'Callaghan|Producer: Julian Stevens|An Artists Studio production for BBC Radio 4.|Toad, Badger, Mole and Ratty embark on an all new adventure along the riverbank.