Chain Gang, The

Interconnected short stories by different authors.

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LS01Simple Job19981019Interconnected short stories by different Simon Brett, read by Johnny Meres.|`Job itself works a dream.|No-one sees me slip the key in her lock.|No alarm sounds as I go in...'.
LS02A Bargain1998102019981025by James Robertson, read by Crawford Logan.|`If he was a crook, trying to offload a dodgy acquisition, there was certainly nothing petty about him.'.
LS03Dead Person With Money Worries1998102119981026by Ali Smith, read by Vivienne Dixon
LS04 LASTThe Legacy19981022by Susie Maguire, read by Irene Macdougall.|`I don't believe in ghosts or any of that X Files nonsense, but it still felt as if she was there.'.