Certain Age, A

Monologues by Lynne Truss, given by (series 1) "women" (series 2) "men" (repeats) "people" in their forties.

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0101The Mother20020125Monologues by Lynne Truss, given by (series 1) "women" (series 2) "men" (repeats) "people" in their forties.Performed by Siobhan Redmond
0102The Wife2002020120070226Starring Janine Duvitski.|Henny worries all the time about what her husband thinks.|So when her husband unexpectedly disappears, she finds herself very much cheered up.
0103The Daughter20020208Performed by Rebecca Front.|Judy is quite happy with her life, staying at home to care for her octogenarian father.
0104The Other Woman20020215Sue is a tough woman, editor of a football magazine, whose lover is a married man.
0105The Sister2002022220070212Sisters Tina and Pat always take adventurous holidays together and are sailing the Nile in a felucca.|But all is not as it seems and this proves to be their last trip.|With Lindsey Coulson
0106 LASTThe Cat Lover20020301Jo is supposed to be on holiday in FRANCE - so why is she in bed cuddling Buster the cat? With Dawn French.
0201The Father2005051320070205John is the proud father of his cello-playing son and spends hours marvelling at his child's dedication to his instrument.|But is the cello hiding a deeper meaning for both father and son?|Read by Douglas Hodge
0202The Son20050520Mark is a news photographer who usually shoots people through the windows of a Black Mariah, but when he's sent on a project to photograph psychics, a new side of him is revealed.|Read by Robert Glenister
0203The Husband20050527Andy is in hospital recovering from a nasty condition and is looking forward to returning to his nice modern home, nice clever wife and nice successful business.|After all, he is his wife's rock, and she'd be lost without his constant support.|Performed by Peter Capaldi.|Music composed by Rex Brough.
0204The Pedant20050603Alistair is happy with his life, working in a bookshop and spending his free time as a member of a highly successful quiz team.|But is this all about to change when he's confronted by Life Groomers?|Performed by Stephen Tompkinson.
0205The Brother2005061020070219Tim is happily running the family art business, enjoying regular buying trips to NEW YORK and quiet moments in his beloved gallery when an unexpected letter arrives from his older brother in Australia.|Performed by Simon Russell Beale
0206 LASTThe Married Man20050617Jim is a successful mystery writer and compulsive philanderer who follows the mantra of his fictional detective ""first you look at what's there, then you look at what isn't there"".|It's an infallible technique.