Census 2011


AR01The Suffragette's Party20110322

A new story by Beatrice Colin written to mark the national census.

A suffragette's dedication to the cause is tested to the hilt on the night of the census in 1911.

Read by Melody Grove.

Beatrice Colin is a novelist, short story writer and creative writing teacher who has written plays for Radio 4 and novels including The Songwriter and The Luminous Life of Lilly Aphrodite.

In Edinburgh, an enthusiastic suffragette takes a stand by evading the 1911 census.

AR02Everyone Who Lives Here20110323

Stories to mark the national census.

Meg Fraser reads a moving tale of neighbours connecting over a census form, written by Kathryn Simmonds.

Kathryn Simmonds is a short story writer and award-winning poet whose play 'Poetry for Beginners' was broadcast on Radio 4 in 2008.

Her collected poems, 'Sunday at the Skin Laundrette' was awarded the Forward Prize for best first collection.

The census brings isolated neighbours together in a tale about urban loneliness.

AR03 LASTRealm Of The Census20110324

Rebecca Elise reads a new story by Louise Welsh, written to mark the national census.

A lonely girl takes a low-paid job, chasing census evaders, which leads to a disturbing encounter in a dark tenement.

Louise Welsh is an award-winning novelist, short story writer, playwright and journalist.

Her works include novels 'The Cutting Room' and 'Naming the Bones', and stage plays 'Panic Patterns' and 'Memory Cells'.

Louise Welsh is Writer in Residence at the University of Glasgow and Glasgow School of Art.

A lowly job chasing census evaders leads a girl to a disturbing encounter.