Cemetery Confessions, The

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2004050620060515In May 1904 the Pere Lachaise cemetery opened in PARIS.|Father Francois de la Chaise was Louis XIV's confessor, and in this commissioned drama for the year of its centenary the figure of Father Lachaise acts as the confessor to some of the famous figures interred in the cemetery named after him.|Safely dead and beyond the reach of earthly judgement, they bare their souls to him in an attempt to secure a more divine and permanent justice.|Some of Britain's best contemporary writers to choose their sinners:|Colette, written by Michele Roberts.|Jim Morrison, written by Geoff Dyer.|Sarah Bernhardt, written by Louise Welsh.|Guillaume Apollinaire, written by Martin Sorrell.|Abelard and Eloise, written by Paul Bailey.|Pere Lachaise Cemetery in Paris was opened 200 years ago this month, and to mark the anniversary, five of its most illustrious residents make their confessions to Father Lachaise, who has his own confession to make.|Sarah Bernhardt....Eleanor Bron (by Louise Welsh)|Guillaume Apollinaire....Michael Fenton Stevens (by Martin Sorrell)|Abelard and Heloise....Hugh Dickson and Anna Massey (by Paul Bailey)|Colette....Zoe Wanamaker (by Michele Roberts)|Jim Morrison....Demetri Goritsas (by Geoff Dyer)|Pere Lachaise....Bill Nighy (by Martin Sorrell)|Director Sara Davies