Celluloid Scientists

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Mark Kermode with a history of scientists on film.

Often bad and dangerous to know, the mad scientist predates filmed versions of `Frankenstein' and, to this day, can reflect popular paranoia about science and its potential to change the world for the worse.

Jurassic Park20010726

Mark Kermode presents a history of scientists on film.

The uneasiness of the Cold War years was reflected in the cinema of the 1950s, which saw scientists as the tools of large, often sinister corporations.

This tradition has continued in films such as `Jurassic Park'.

The Good Scientist20010719

Mark Kermode with a history of scientists on film.

Scientists in British films of the 30s tapped into a belief that science might, after all, have the potential to do good.

Hollywood picked up the theme in the 40s and 50s, when biopics of people such as Marie Curie and Thomas Edison abounded.