Celluloid Extras

Short plays exploring the secret world of a minor character in a classic film.


01Miss Prism Or The Dreadful Secret From The Importance Of Being Earnest (anthony Asquith 1952)20070326

Miss Prism has a dreadful secret and Oscar Wilde is determined to prise it out of her.

  • Oscar Wilde....Sam Dale
  • bosie....Anthony Glennon
  • cecily....Jasmine Callan
  • miss prism....selina cadell
  • by.... - natalia power

  • 02Molly's Story From Great Expectations (david Lean 1959)20070327

    Molly is housekeeper to Mr Jaggers, the lawyer who manages Pip's inheritance.

    Jaggers got Molly off a charge of murder and she has worked for him ever since.

    But her past is about to catch up with her.

  • directed by Claire Grove
  • jaggers....John Dougall
  • molly....Claire Rushbrook
  • by.... - shelley silas

  • 03Catriona's Story From I Know Where I'm Going (1945 Powell And Pressburger)20070328

    When Joan Webster insists on heading out to sea towards a marriage of convenience, Catriona and local girl Bridie have a tense wait as the boat heads into a storm.

  • bridie....Tracy Wiles
  • catriona....Patricia Kerrigan
  • directed by Claire Grove
  • rory....John Dougall
  • by.... - sebastian baczkiewicz

  • 04Sister Philippa's Story From Black Narcissus (1947 Powell And Pressburger)20070329

    A group of nuns establish a remote mission in the Himalayas.

    Sister Philippa tends the garden and finds her faith is tested in the mountains.

  • by Katie Hims
  • directed by Claire Grove
  • leonard....Anthony Glennon
  • sister philippa....ellie haddington

  • 05 LASTAunt Emma's Story From The Railway Children20070330

    Aunt Emma was temporarily drafted in to help bring up her sister's three children, Roberta, Peter and Phyllis.

    An invitation to Roberta's wedding reminds her of her past.

  • aunt emma....Maggie Steed
  • by Rhiannon Tise
  • directed by Claire Grove