Cazalets, The

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0120140407|The family are divided over what to do with the family home following their mother's death
0220140408|Edward attempts to make Diana happy with the purchase of a new house.
0320140409|Louise accompanies her father and Diana on a trip to Italy.
0420140410|Dinner at Edward and Diana's provides an awkward evening for Sid and Rachel.
0520140411|Both Clary and Sid find their worlds turned upside down.
0620140414|Hugh attempts to improve relations with Edward and Diana by inviting them to dinner.
0720140415|Rachel nurses Sid, and Clary finds her own way of getting over Archie's infidelity.
0820140416|Clary embarks upon a dangerous liaison, and Edward's financial situation worsens.
0920140417|The family timber firm faces ruin.
10 LAST20140418|The family spend one last Christmas together at Home Place.