Cat Among The Pigeons

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198C01Magic Roundabouts19980713

Two spirited enquiries into the British relationship with the landscape.

1: `Magic Roundabouts'.

Paul Evans looks at the history and untapped potential of the traffic island, where two contemporary obsessions - driving and gardening - converge.

198C02 LASTAliens On The Rampage19980720

The second of two spirited enquiries into the British relationship with the landscape.

`Aliens on the Rampage'.

With plans afoot to rid our countryside of alien weeds and animal pests, Paul Evans cries ecological racism and challenges the dogmatic protection of native species.

199C01Tibbles, Rover And The Shaping Of British Countryside19990712

`Tibbles, Rover and the Shaping of British Countryside'.

In the first of three contentious features, Paul Evans argues that bird-eating pet cats and escaped beasts do not do as much damage to the countryside as lopsided views of nature do.

199C02Pickled Nature19990719

`Pickled Nature'.

In the second of three programmes, Paul Evans challenges the idea of nature reserves being ecologically flawed and ethically wrong.

199C03 LASTCat Among The Pigeons19990726

`Cat among the Pigeons'.

In the last of three programmes, Paul Evans separates myth from reality and looks for the underlying causes of the much publicised town-country divide.