Castlereagh To Kandahar



Speedy and Stig are best of mates who play in a band together.

Not an ordinary band, it's an Orange Flute Band.

The rhythms that pound in their veins are those of ancient war, of adrenalin mixed with atavism, blood and thunder, drugs and alcohol.

The sheer 'white noise' of their lives, leads them to beatings, to kickings and the knowledge that if they don't get out, they'll end up dead.

And how ironic is it then that within 8 months Stig has exchanged the streets of Belfast for those of Kandahar.

And it's anybody's bet as to whether Stig in Afghanistan or Speedy in Belfast will be the first to come home in a box.

Rosemary Jenkinson studied medieval literature at Durham.

Her collection of short stories, Contemporary Problems Nos.

53 & 54 was published by Lagan Press in 2004.

Since then she has been writing a series of provocative plays for Rough Magic, Tinderbox, and the Abbey Theatre in Dublin.

Cast includes:

Speedy....Richard Dormer

Stig....Paul Kennedy

The Road Marshall....Dan Gordon

Major....BJ Hogg

Alana....Abigail McGibbon

Mrs Murdoch....Stella McCusker

Music composed by Graeme Stewart

Producer: Eoin O'callaghan.

An unrealised love between two boys, Speedo and Stig, who are both battling to stay alive.