Cash Cow



by Ewa Banaszkiewicz

When Sophie's father runs up a gambling debt she has to choose whether to give him the money or let him face prison.

Sophie - Aisling Loftus

Nick - Robert Glenister

Kryztof - Will Howard

Frankie - Taron Egerton

Cheri - Adjoa Andoh

Directed by Sally Avens

It is Christmas Eve, and the first Christmas Sophie and her two younger brothers ,Krzystof and Frankie, will spend without their Polish mother, Maria, who died earlier in the year. At twenty eight, Sophie feels that she has to take over as 'head' of the family. Since the death of her mother, her youngest brother Frankie (16) has been going off the rails mainly due to their compulsive gambler father's more frequent visits to the local casino. Before Maria died, she put the small flat that Nick and Frankie lives in, into Sophie's name, to ensure Nick didn't gamble it away. She also made Sophie promise she would always look after her father. However when Nick's gambling leads him to fraud and maybe prosecution that could lead to a prison sentence - what exactly did that promise of 'looking after him' mean? How is Sophie going to manage to step into her mother's shoes?

Aisling Loftus (Mr Selfridge, Noises Off) and Robert Glenister (Hustle, Noises Off) lead the cast.

Ewa Banaszkiewicz is of Anglo, Polish, Sri Lankan descent. She has written several radio plays including 'Three In A Bed' and 'Wedding In Krakow'. She is an award winning film maker and is currently working on her next feature.