Casebook Of Inspector Steine, The

Comedy drama series by Lynne Truss set in 1950s Brighton.

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0101The Entertainer2008040420081029Comedy drama series by Lynne Truss set in 1950s Brighton.Crime is at a low ebb, but Mrs Groynes, the cockney charlady who is actually a criminal mastermind, is determined to reverse the trend.|A matinee performance at the Hippodrome gives her an idea.
0102On The Road2008041120081105A day out in a singular vintage car turns out to be highly eventful, thanks to a certain cockney charlady.
0103The Smallest Show On Earth2008041820081112Brunswick organises a police open day, featuring a range of criminal exhibits.|What could possibly go wrong?
0104The Uses Of Literacy2008042520081119Acting on a mysterious tip-off, Brunswick goes under cover as a careers master in a prestigious girls' school.|An eminent former pupil who has been invited to open a new science block is also a criminal mastermind.
0105Room At The Top20080502Steine is delighted to meet Lord Melamine, who offers to sell him a gold brick at a knockdown price.|But is his lordship all he seems to be?
0106 LASTEndgame2008050920081126Constable Twitten's idea of acquiring a police dog seems an excellent idea, especially when Bobby solves a notorious murder case.|But why does Bobby keep attacking poor old Mrs Groynes, and why is Steine's life suddenly in great danger?|Why does police dog Bobby keep attacking Mrs Groynes, and why is Steine's life in danger?