Carnival Tales

Mark Rickards travels to Brazil to join in the world's greatest outdoor party.



Mark talks to musician Gilberto Gil in Rio, visits a samba school and discovers how carnival brings together rich and poor.


The north-east of Brazil is hot, arid and economically worse off than the south.

But life still stops for carnival in Recife where the rhythm of frevo is king.

03The Salvador Beat19990317

Salvador, Brazil's original slave trading port, has the largest black population in the country.

Carnival here mingles African gods and Catholicism with black pride.

04Faro And The Rainforest19990318

In the Amazonian city of Belem, carnival encompasses music parades and political theatre about the rainforest and land ownership.

05 LASTThe South19990319

Mark travels to Rio Grande de Sal to celebrate carnival with gauchos, German immigrants and men who dress as women.