Carnbeg Stories

Five short stories by Ronald Frame set in the fictitious Perthshire village of Carnbeg, the location of his popular Radio 4 drama series, The Hydro.


0101The Doocot2003070720040927

Tamara Kennedy reads the story of a Carnbeg woman's impetuous affair with an artist visiting from GLASGOW one summer between the two World Wars.

0102The New2003070820040928

Refused membership of the village tennis club, a local entrepreneur builds his own - but social respectability still eludes him.

0103The Fitting2003070920040929

Jean Melhuish, reputedly the best seamstress in Scotland, receives clients in her front room, where complete discretion is ensured.

Set in the 1960s, The Fitting is about the clash of values between the generations, between a mother and her daughter, as embodied in their differing attitudes to the skilled seamstress who has toiled to make the young girl's wedding dress.


When an elderly woman burns some old documents, her daughter finds some surprising information in the ashes.

Read by Tamara Kennedy.

0105 LASTAway From It All2003071120041001

A contemporary tale about a couple of city-dwellers whose cottage in Carnbeg offers relief every weekend from the hurly-burly of Edinburgh.

However, a longing develops for coffee-shops, for cinemas, and for art galleries.

In short, for all the things that Carnbeg can't provide.