The Card

Jennifer Howarth's dramatisation of Arnold Bennett's exuberant and cheerful story charting the rise and rise of Denry Machin in 19th-century Bursley.



  • arnold bennett....Ron Cook
  • councillor barlow....Philip Jackson
  • councillor cotterill....david shaw-parker
  • countess of chell....Jasmine Hyde
  • denry machin....William Ash
  • directed by - Marilyn Imrie
  • mr creegan....matthew morgan
  • mr duncalf....Philip Jackson
  • mr etches....daniel weyman
  • mr shillitoe....matthew morgan
  • mrs cotterill....linda broughton
  • mrs machin....Elizabeth Spriggs
  • narrator....Ron Cook
  • nellie cotterill....Robin Weaver
  • ruth earp....tilly gaunt

  • 01A Hatbox Full Of Sovereigns2007081220070818

    Featuring a ball, a shipwreck and a large helping of romance, all laced with some honest Staffordshire humour.

    02 LASTCheering Us All Up2007081920070825

    Denry's engagement to Ruth Earp, the dancing teacher with her sights set on better things, is off.

    He is now wealthy and respected.

    His true love is waiting in the wings, if only Denry realises it in time.