By Jeff Young Based on Esta;o Carandiru by Dr Drauzio Varella.

Produced and directed by Kate Rowland.

A kaleidoscopic journey through the corridors, cells and stories of Esto Carandiru - Sao Paulo's notorious prison.

Based on the book Estação Carandiru by Dr Drauzio Varella, Jeff Young's drama leads us through the labyrinth of this place that has been described as a re-invention of hell.

Like a mosaic or a graffiti mural in words Carandiru follows the doctor from the first day he enters the prison to the worst massacre in prison history in October 1992.

'How can we care about these brutal men?' the Doctor asks at one point.

'Would they be so brutal if they weren't so brutalised?' Himself....Dr Drauzio Varella Jeremiah....Jairo Arco E Flexa Lupericio, Polney....Augusto CÚsar Marques, Jaquelina....Marcello Bosschar Cacapa, Guard....Enrique Díaz Bigode....Dionísio Neto.