Captain's Wife, The

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Patricia Hodge tells the tale of 'Navy' wife Maddy.|Patricia Hodge tells the tale of Maddy, a 'Navy' wife who moves from craving conformity to rebellion as the years pass.|By Juliet Ace.|Every two years, there is a new captain - and a new captain's wife.|Mattie, played by Patricia Hodge, is there for them all, moving, over the years, from the centre of the table to the captain's side.|She observes the Navy at play and provides exotic relief - until she is ready to change herself.|Director Ned Chaillet.|Mrs Potter feels she only exists as an appendage to her husband and wishes she could be more like the Captain's wife.|As the years pass, a navy spouse moves from craving conformity to rebellion.|Patricia Hodge tells Mattie Potter's tale.|As the years pass, a navy spouse moves from craving conformity to rebellion. Patricia Hodge reads Mattie Potter's tale.