Canterbury Tales A Week Of Original Short Stories

Five winning stories from the BBC's Get Writing competition inspired by Chaucer's Canterbury Tales.


AR01The Sermon On The Mount20040202

By Paula Rawsthorne.

When Lenny Hopkins confesses that he can't give up gambling just yet because he's got a dead cert on the Grand National Father Francis agrees to keep his money safe for him.

But can he resist the temptation?

AR02The Heathen's Tale20040203

By Pia Khan.

Ash has two weeks in which to achieve his aim of 'having everything he wanted by the age of forty'.

The only piece of the jigsaw that has not yet fallen into place is one unmarried sister, Laila.

Read by Indira Varma

AR03The Oldest Tale20040204

By Felicity Yeoh.

Amidst the chaos of revising for exams and applying to universities, Sam realises that something subtle but significant has changed in his feelings for Rachel.

A beautifully observed story about love and friendship.

AR04The Journey20040205

By Martin Wright.

On a wet, cold November evening a teenage girl sits alone on a commuter train as it heads for Canterbury.

As she travels towards her destination she takes us on a journey through her summer, recalling her own voyage from schoolgirl to adulthood; the fun, the hurt and the ultimate disappointments that have led to this lonely route away from home.

AR05 LASTThe Nun's Priest's Tale20040206

By Ivan Phillips The tale of Chanticleer and the fox retold for today.

A rural farmyard becomes an abandoned urban tower block where a hungry fox scavenges for scraps.

The hens are exotic parrots tended by an elderly and lonely widow who gives them the freedom of her derelict home.

A surreal and moving story which brings Chaucer right up to date.

The reader is Eileen Essell.