Campaign - A Battle For Hearts And Minds, The [Radio Scotland]



The question of whether Scotland should become an independent nation has captured the public imagination like no other constitutional debate.

In this special referendum documentary Radio Scotland investigates the politics of the referendum, inside the campaigns trying to persuade us to vote Yes or No.

On Tartan Day James will be in America where he will meet with two political strategists - one Democrat and one Republican - who don't 'have a dog in the fight'. Taking on opposing sides these Washington pollsters talk us through the debate so far - the good, the bad and the ugly - and provide an insight into what might unfold in the coming months.

Back in Scotland we'll visit the campaign headquarters of Yes Scotland and Better Together and find out about the peculiar challenges of debating Scotland's national question.

With new interviews from experts and insiders James Naughtie discovers that the battle for Scotland's hearts and minds is not only about politics but a complex struggle over the story of Scotland's past and future.