Call Yourself A Feminist

Historian Bettany Hughes presents a series of discussions tracing the development of feminist ideas from the 1960s onwards.



A panel of guests explore the issues which motivated women to join together under the banner of feminism.

While activists pursued campaigns involving street protests and fighting through the courts, other women were alienated by their arguments.

Both feminists and non-feminists join Bettany to recall key events.

Bettany's guests are journalist Ann Leslie, American academic Elaine Showalter, activist and historian Sally Alexander and co-founder of the US National Organisation of Women, Sonia Fuentes.


Bettany's guests are former local government leader Linda Bellos, businesswoman Roz Morris, academic Lynne Segal, author Beatrix Campbell and activist Sue Finch.

They discuss feminism in the 1980s and what it meant to them.

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Bettany and guests discuss how a new generation of women embrace the label 'feminist', the issues which motivate them and how definitions of feminism have changed since the 1960s.

The panellists are journalist and critic Miranda Sawyer, American writer and founder of the online forum Jessica Valenti and academic Rachel Bowlby, whose research includes work on pyschoanalysis, reproductive rights and shopping.