Call Me Robbie



Ivan Hewett talks to distinguished musicologist H C Robbins Landon - nicknamed Robbie - about the breadth of his work, which ranges from musicology that sounds like a detective story to pioneering recordings and his broadcasting work.

In this first programme, he talks about how a chance assignment in war-torn Vienna introduced him to musicology.


In the second programme of the series, musicologist H C Robbins Landon talks to Ivan Hewett about his pioneering work on Haydn, which involved burrowing around in monasteries in Eastern Europe and bringing the music to life through recordings.


In his fourth conversation with Ivan Hewett, musicologist H C Robbins Landon looks back over half a century of living and working in Europe and reflects on the differences between French, Italian and German music and culture.

The story begins in war-torn Vienna, moves to a 49-room castle in Italy, and ends in his current home, a rambling chateau in south-west FRANCE.


In his last conversation with Ivan Hewett, H C Robbins Landon recalls his career in broadcasting and his mission to give musicology a public face.


In his third conversation with Ivan Hewett, musicologist H C Robbins Landon remembers how the film `Amadeus' inspired him to write five books on Mozart, including the best-selling `Mozart - the Golden Years'.